Vacherin macaroni gratin

Serves 4:

200 g of vacherin (runny)
150 g of cooked ham
50 g of of crushed breadcrumbs
80 g of butter (2×40 g)
30 g of flour
2 decilitres of milk
2 eggs
Salt and ground pepper

Make hard-boiled eggs and cook the macaroni “al dente”.
Prepare a white sauce with 40 g of butter, flour and milk.
Incorporate the Vacherin and stir well on a medium heat.
Place the macaroni pasta in a generously buttered baking dish.
Place a layer of ham cut into Julienne slices (long thin strips).
Cut the hard-boiled eggs into slices and place over the ham.
Coat everything with the white sauce and cook in the oven preheated at 260° C for 10 minutes.